The Best JRE Episodes Where Joe Talks About Conspiracy Theories

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Vote up your favorite JRE episodes where Joe talks about various conspiracy theories and how credible (or ridiculous) they are.

Was the moon landing staged? Are chemtrails real? Is the Earth actually flat? Some people think so. Conspiracy theories have been around since the dawn of civilization, but they’ve really gained a life of their own thanks in large part to the internet. With complete and total anonymity, people can discuss whatever crazy or credible idea they have and connect with other like-minded people who find their concerning conspiracies plausible. 

Over the years, Joe’s had numerous guests come on to talk about various conspiracy theories. Some guests believe these particular conspiracies while others just want to poke fun at it. From comedians to political commentators, Joe Rogan’s discussed conspiracies with all kinds of people, and there are even a few conspiracies Joe likes to talk about himself. Which ones do you believe, and which ones do you think are ridiculous?

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