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The Best Joe Rogan Episodes About Wrestling (Real And Fake)

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It's no secret that Joe Rogan is a big fan of mixed martial arts. However, he also has a special soft spot for professional wrestling (particularly the WWE). He's always delighted when a professional wrestler can come on his podcast to discuss the sport and a myriad of other topics. This list has compiled the best Joe Rogan episodes about pro wrestling as well as competitive wrestling.

Which guest did you enjoy most on Rogan's podcast? Were you ecstatic to see semi-retired WWE Hall-of-Famer Diamond Dallas Page talk about his career and his love of DDP Yoga? Having to constantly be on the road and wrestle for most days out of the year isn't easy, and most pro wrestlers start to feel the strain pretty early on in their careers.

But it's not just wrestlers who talk to Joe about the sport - comedians like Tom Papa talk about all kinds of topics, and sometimes, wrestling just happens to fall into the mix. Those episodes also found their way onto this list, making this the ultimate Joe Rogan guide on wrestling.  This is your opportunity to vote for the best JRE episodes on wrestling. All Joe Rogan Experience fans are encouraged to let their opinions be known. And if you've just started listening to the podcast, then this list gives you a good sense of where you need to start. 


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    JRE 1166

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Diamond Dallas Page, semi-retired professional wrestler.


    • How Diamond used to wrestler 270 days a the year
    • How wrestling led DDP to blow his back out at 42
    • How pro wrestling is changing
    • How wrestlers can hit each other with chairs without hurting one another

    Original Airing: September 4, 2018

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    JRE 1205

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Jake "The Snake" Roberts, former WWE wrestler


    • Traveling as a wrestler with a giant snake
    • How old-school WWE wrestlers would prank each other
    • Getting sober and turning over a new leaf

    Original Airing: November 20, 2018

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    JRE 1038

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Billy Corgan, lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins.


    • How Billy went from Smashing Pumpkins to wrestling
    • NWA is older than the WWE
    • What wrestling was like in the past 

    Original Airing: November 10, 2017

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    JRE 1153

    Video: YouTube

    Guest: Macaulay Culkin, actor and musician. 


    • How wrestling is an intimate sport
    • The movie Foxcatcher and its inaccuracies
    • How there's usually nothing for wrestlers to do once their careers end

    Original Airing: August 7, 2018

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