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The Best Joe Swanson Quotes From 'Family Guy'

Joe Swanson is one of the funniest characters on Family Guy. Voice by Patrick Warburton, Joe lives with his wife Bonnie and is one of Peters best drinking buddies. His interactions with Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland have given us some amazing quotes on the show.

There are several funny lines from Joe like "Sex is overrated" to quotes that indicate just how compassionate he can be like "Love is a powerful compass," let's take a look at the greatest Joe Swanson quotes in Family Guy history, ranked by your votes. 

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    You Did

    Joe: I didn't feel anything, but you did!


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    Get Naked

    Quagmire: What are you doing?

    Joe: I'm watching Bonnie undress.

    Cleveland: Bonnie's your wife.

    Joe: I like to watch her strip, and pretend she's a total stranger who looks exactly like my wife and lives in my house. Get naked, you strange whore!!


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    Poop Sack

    James Woods: Hey, not so fast pal. Those are my clothes.

    Peter: Oh come on.

    Joe: You heard him fella, take 'em off. Right down to the poop sack. What? You don't all wear a poop sack? Damnit Bonnie! You lied to me about the poop sack!


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    A Lot Fewer People

    Joe: It feels good to know that thanks to me and my colleagues, a lot fewer people will be injecting cocaine into their penises tonight.

    Peter: Is that a thing?

    Quagmire: It's a great thing.


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