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List of the best Johnnie Walker labels will finally answer the question about what Johnnie Walker brand is truly the most triumphant of the top whiskey brand. For years you've powered down Scotch whiskey just like the Mad Men, or like the man, Ron Burgundy himself, waiting for a chance to judge your favorite of the Johnnie Walker flavors. Finally, the time has come to put your opinions to action on the Johnnie Walker labels list.

Top Johnnie Walker brands include Black and Blue, but don't count out great Johnnie Walker whisky brands like Green and Platinum. But which whiskey blend will you choose? And what does your favorite whiskey say about you as an individual? How does your character match up to each styled scotch? Will you choose to favor the hidden depths of the Black Label? Or will you choose the classic flavor of the original Johnnie Walker, the Red Label? Will you be bold and go for the deep-charred intensity of the Double-Black Label, that which they call the re-mastered masterpiece? Or how about the rare and exclusive Blue Label, that premium experience of scotch whiskey crafted from the most precious casks in the Johnnie Walker reserve?

For nearly 200 years old, Johnnie Walker has been perfecting its taste and flavor, always careful and precise in deciding their unique blends. The time has come to step forward and proclaim your pick. Bottoms up!
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  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label
    514 votes

    Johnnie Walker Blue Label

  • Johnnie Walker Green Label
    291 votes

    Johnnie Walker Green Label

  • Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
    243 votes

    Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

  • Johnnie Walker Double Black
    232 votes

    Johnnie Walker Double Black

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label
    353 votes

    Johnnie Walker Black Label

  • Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
    178 votes

    Johnnie Walker Platinum Label