The Most Tragically Funny Quotes From 'Joker'

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If you've seen the smash-hit movie, we want you to vote for the best Joker quotes. This revisionist take on the popular DC villain is filled with character quotes that get inside his dark and twisted mind. There are also some funny lines and wicked one-liners.

Joaquin Phoenix steps into the estimable shoes of Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger to portray Batman's nemesis. The Dark Knight -- at least in his adult form -- is nowhere to be found in this new film, though. Instead, we follow Arthur Fleck, a clown-for-hire with severe mental health problems. Worn down by his job, his life, and society in general, Arthur slowly loses his grip on reality. His dream is to be a stand-up comedian and to earn the notice of his hero, late-night talk show host Murray Franklin (Robert DeNiro). After getting that notice in the form of public ridicule, Arthur finally snaps. Plying himself with makeup, he fully becomes the Joker.

Joker was directed and co-written by Todd Phillips, who previously made The Hangover and its sequels. Co-starring in the film are Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Shea Wigham, and Brett Cullen. Together with Phoenix and DeNiro, they deliver a hard R-rated comic book movie unlike any we've seen before.

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