The Best Juice WRLD Songs Ever, Ranked

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In the emo rap scene that burst into the mainstream during the late 2010s, there are few names as beloved as Juice WRLD. When news broke of the rapper's untimely death on December 8, 2019 fans of the genre were gutted, still reeling from the death of fellow emo rapper Lil Peep just two years earlier. Like Peep, Juice WRLD (real name Jarad Anthony Higgins) died just days after his 21st birthday. 

Though the artist enjoyed only a tragically short tenure, he made every second count. His impact on the rap music was unmistakable - who else could inspire Future to collaborate on a full-length mixtape at such an early stage? Since beginning his career in 2015, Higgins released two studio albums, three mixtapes, multiple platinum singles, and a slew of EPs amid coveted appearances at festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. In May 2019, the rapper won Top New Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. 

It's undeniable that Juice WRLD was just getting started, and tragic that an artist such a promising career ahead of him has died so soon. In his honor, we invite you to revisit the legacy he left behind in this list of his best songs, which includes Juice WRLD's greatest tracks - both old and new - as a solo artist, as well as collaborations with other artists, such as Kodak Black and Halsey. Vote up your favorite Juice WRLD songs, and add any hits you feel that we missed.

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