The Best Julia Roberts Movies

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With more than 1300 votes cast by movie fans, this list of the best Julia Roberts movies is a testament to her enduring popularity. Whether it's her iconic smile or her knack for picking interesting projects, there's no denying that Julia Roberts has been a Hollywood staple for decades.

From romantic comedies like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, to thrillers like Sleeping With The Enemy and Secret in Their Eyes, Roberts has proven time and again that she can tackle any genre with ease. She also excels at playing strong female leads who are unafraid to challenge traditional gender roles. Her performances as Tinkerbell in Steven Spielberg’s Hook, Erin Brockovich in the eponymous film, and Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman are just some of the examples of how she consistently elevates every role she takes on.

So if you're looking for an entertaining night at home or want something thought-provoking to watch, these carefully ranked films featuring one of Hollywood's most beloved stars may be just what you need. So why not check out the list now, vote up your favorites, and enjoy some classic Julia Roberts?

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