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The Best 'Jump Force' Ultimate Attacks

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The new fighting game everyone should be talking about right now is definitely Jump Force. Bringing you all your favorite manga characters from the famous Shonen Weekly Jump franchise, Jump Force is every manga fan's dream come true. From 3-on-3 tag team fighting modes to an all-new story with characters from different universes, the February 15 release is one of the most anticipated games of 2019.

Here are some of the coolest and strongest ultimate attacks in Jump Force. While hardcore manga fans will recognize these techniques from their respective source material, newcomers can familiarize themselves with the best moves in the game. What is your favorite ultimate in Jump Force?

  • Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment

    The Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm (Roronoa Zoro)

    Roronoa Zoro's ultimate move, The Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm, is one of the most powerful techniques in One Piece. Much like in the manga, he'll be using his well known three-sword-style technique in order to be taking down any obstacles that get in his way. The move seems extremely quick and effective, so it's probably extremely hard to dodge. 

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  • Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment

    Takemikazuchi-no-Kami (Sasuke)

    Using one of the highest forms of Fire Release seems to be about right for Sasuke to use as his ultimate. This move is extremely iconic for him because it also utilizes black flames. Combining Amaterasu flames while trapping his opponent in a Chibaku Tensei and charges towards it. The result? A giant explosion.

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    Final Flash (Vegeta)

    Where would Goku be without the ever-present Vegeta? In this game, his final move is his Final Flash; a highly focused beam of energy that will definitely run you into the ground if you're hit by it. We'd recommend ducking for cover! 

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  • Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment

    Black Meteorite (Asta)

    Much like in the manga, Asta will be using his Anti Magic sword in one of the most interesting ways possible. The sword will charge Asta up with enough Anti Magic that it surrounds part of the user's body in black matter. Once it's complete, he'll charge and slash at any opponent in his way!

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