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The Best Jungle Tanks In 'League of Legends'

Updated May 13, 2020 78 votes 18 voters9 items

In League of Legends, the Jungle refers to the area outside of the main lanes on the map, which means the best Jungle Tanks need to be able to effectively (and quickly) clear the jungles while keeping up with their other in-lane teammates. Large, imposing, and usually a force to be reckoned with, Tanks are some of the best Champions to play as because of their giant, imposing, and often brutish nature. 

Which Champions do you think are the strongest Jungle Lane Tanks in LoL? Whether you prefer to play as Gragas the Brewmaster, Sejuani the Icebornm, or even Amumu (whose size shouldn't fool you), vote up all your favorite Jungle Lane Tanks in League of Legends, and vote down all the Champions who should stick to another lane.

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    Malphite is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Jungle Tanks In 'League of Legends'
    Photo: Riot Games

    Malphite is a massive stone creature that was born from the heart of Ixtal. He has studied elemental balance for thousands of years, and now uses his strength and knowledge to maintain order in this chaotic world. 

    Malphite is one of the more classic Tanks of Leage of Legends. Being around since the early days, Malphite has always been an effective tank. His ultimate provides a considerable amount of crowd control as well which is incredibly important for a jungler. Not only that but he has an ability that slows a single enemy, making him effective in lane ganks. 

    Abilities: Granite Shield, Seismic Shard, Thunderclap, Ground Slam, Unstoppable Force

    Roles: Vanguard

    Secondary Attributes: Mana, Melee, Magic

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      Gragas is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Jungle Tanks In 'League of Legends'
      Photo: Riot Games

      Gragas is a big, loud, and rowdy brewmaster on a quest to find the perfect pint of ale. He searches the wastes of the Freljord in search for rare ingredients so that he can test different recipes along the way. 

      Gragas is one of the premier Jungle Champions in the game. His tankiness, combined with his unique crowd control abilities, makes him a champion that will always be relevant in the meta. It doesn't matter if his stats are undertuned, as long as he has a kit with a lot of utility, he'll be relevant. 

      Abilities: Happy Hour, Barrel Roll, Drunken Rage, Body Slam, Explosive Cask

      Roles: Vanguard

      Secondary Attributes: Mana, Melee, Magic

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        Jarvan IV

        Jarvan IV is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Jungle Tanks In 'League of Legends'
        Photo: Riot Games

        Prince Jarvan is the only son of the king and is the heir to the throne of Demacia. Growing up with big expectations, Jarvan became an extraordinary warrior and inspires his troops when on the battlefield. 

        Jarvin excels in the early game as a tower diver. He can dive onto a single enemy and put his lanes in a good spot in the early game. He falls off later in the game but if played correctly early, Jarvan can snowball the game to the point of no return in the first 10 minutes. 

        Abilities: Martial Cadence, Dragon Strike, Golden Aegis, Demacian Standard, Cataclysm

        Roles: Diver

        Secondary Attributes: Mana, Melee, Physical

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          Zac is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Jungle Tanks In 'League of Legends'
          Photo: Riot Games

          Zac is a chemistry experiment gone wrong and a pile of toxic sludge come to life. Although he came from humble beginnings, Zac is now a thinking being that dwells within the city's pipes.

          One of the oldest champions in League of Legends, Zac is an interesting Jungle Champion. His ultimate allows him to jump into combat and stun multiple opponents at once, while his passive allows him to revive after death if his opponents fail to destroy the piles of ooze that drop to the floor in time. 

          Abilities: Cell Division, Stretching Strikes, Unstable Matter, Elastic Slingshot, Let's Bounce!

          Roles: Vanguard

          Secondary Attributes: Health Costs, Melee, Magic

            They a great tank?
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