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The Best Justice League Storylines in Comics

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DC with its multiverses and multiple crises can get confusing in a hurry, especially for the Justice League. That doesn't mean it lacks great stories though. Some of the Justice League's greatest adventures revolve around these crises in fact, yet less metaphysical Justice League storylines also offer a lot to celebrate. At the end of the day, there are a ton of great Justice League comic books.

The best Justice League stories are the ones that really dig deep into the various characters, analyzing their fundamental values and their interpersonal relationships. Of course, there's always great action to be had with what are essentially (and sometimes literally) the seven gods of the DC Universe. And with so many different writers to pen these tales, there's no shortage of variety in how the heroes are represented. 

So here are some of the best Justice League comics. Prepare for a whole bunch of Grant Morrison. And spoilers. There will be spoilers.

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    What makes Grant Morrison a standout in Justice Leagure history is his fundamental understanding of these characters and what makes them tick. But Rock of Ages doesn't just perform a deep character dive into these heroes, this story includes all kinds of action and adventure, with the team first facing off against Lex Luthor's Injustice Gang, before having to take on Darkseid in a space and time-traversing showdown. It's a huge story that never gets too big for its britches. 

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    In one of Grant Morrisson's more reserved penning of JLA, New World Order actually does add quite a bit to the mythos of DC. The Justice League reunited in full for the first time in a decade to take on a group of White Martians, a seminal race of hostile aliens first introduced in this story.

    These White Martians calling themselves the Hyperclan initially pose as heroes until they reveal their true identity and the Justice League must defeat them in interplanetary warfare. It's not quite a reboot for the team, but more like a reinvigoration that introduces some important canonical elements.

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    Created by DC titan Geoff Johns, Darkseid War is an event in the New-52 that elevates the heroes to an even higher level than ever before, some of which literally become gods. As two of the most powerful beings in the universe, Darkseid and Anti-Monitor, war with one another, the Justice League members must mitigate the damage of all those caught in between. It's a big story with huge action, and a must read.

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    Darwyn Cooke and Dave Stewart's DC: The New Frontier is perhaps unlike any other. It is one of the most nuanced stories in terms of its relation to historical events, taking place during the Cold War and trying to assess what made governments and societies tick. It wasn't the simple America vs the world of WWII era heroes.

    What's more, the artwork is quite unique, in many ways establishing a pop culture representation of these characters that have stuck in the minds of the general populace, even if they weren't often depicted this way. It's a very interesting and introspective read.

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