The Best JYP Groups & Artists Of 2022

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The best JYP groups and solo artists of 2022 prove that Park Jin-young's K-pop label is still going strong. While JYP Entertainment's roster might be the smallest of the 'Big 3,' their list of artists has no shortage of talent. JYP girl groups Itzy and Twice continue to dominate the charts (and the stage), while boy groups, like Stray Kids and Day6, keep giving fans memorable performances. JYP's oldest active group, 2PM, made their comeback in 2021 after their members finished their military service.

Several JYP idols have gone to have solo careers, like Jun. K from 2PM and Young K from Day6. Other popular JYP artists include R&B singer Bernard Park and J-pop girl group NiziU. 

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Photo: JYP Entertainment