The Best K-Cup Flavors

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The best K-Cup flavors are the ones you continually return to, time after time, to brew a great cup of coffee in a Keurig single cup coffee maker. What are the best K cup flavors? The best tasting Keurig flavors and varieties can be hard to choose. With literally hundreds of choices available, narrowing down any list of great K-Cup flavors can be tough. This list includes reviews of some of the most popular, tastiest K-Cup flavors around - and not just traditional 'flavored' coffees. What are the best k cups? What K cup flavors rock your world? We've also included more traditional brews (not everyone likes 'fruity' coffee). If you see your favorite K-Cup listed, vote for it! And, if you have a personal favorite K-Cup flavor that isn't on the list, add it. This list is a great way to introduce all of us to new K-Cup flavors that we haven't tried yet!

To narrow things down just a little, this list includes only the best K-Cup coffee flavors, though certainly, the K-Cup cocoa and tea offerings are delicious as well. But for a jolt of java, nothing beats a really good K-Cup. With the explosion of Keurig's popularity in recent years, people are stocking up on K-Cups portion packs -- and they want to get the best. These things aren't exactly cheap, so finding a favorite flavor (or two, or three) is important. If you're spending the money to purchase KCups cartridges, you want something you'll enjoy.

From decaf to extra bold, this list includes some of the absolute best, most flavorful K-Cups coffees available. Enjoy!
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