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The Best Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Quotes

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A love story about power, strife and the inability to make the first move, Kaguya Sama: Love Is War is one of the funniest anime series out there right now. Miyuki Shirogane, the president of the student council, and his vice president, Kaguya Shinomiya both have a case of first-time-love, luckily for each other. The two admittedly refuse to acknowledge their feelings and hope that through pointless struggles they can make the other one confess first. Through a series of unfortunate, and utterly hilarious, events, we get to watch these two characters fall deeper into love as they struggle for power. 

Some of the best quotes come from the couple, such as the imaginary Kaguya that Shirogane is often afraid of. In response to almost any of his romantic advancements, he always fears her smiling face and judgemental stare as she says, "How cute." Of course, the best girl from the series is Chika Fujiwara, the agent of chaos that always seems to be getting in the way of any progress between the two. Her oblivious nature always gives her hilarious lines, such as the time she helped Shirogane train for volleyball. Watching him with bandaids on her hands and multiple bruises, she cries, "I raised that boy." 

With so many great lines, it's hard to choose, so make sure to vote up all your favorite quotes from Kaguya Sama: Love Is War!

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    Do You Know What It Means By "First Time"? 

    Kaguya: I know you have a little sister, President, so you probably do it with her all the time. 

    Shirogane: Oh that... Of course not! Are you a moron? 

    Kaguya: Well, you're family. I did it to my newborn nephew. It was videotaped. 

    Shirogane: You're a loon! 

    Kaguya: Good times. It's not good to be excessively afraid of physical contact with other people. I guess that's the dark side of modern society. 

    Shirogane: No, it's you! You're the dark side of nobility! 

    Kaguya: What's so strange? You must do it a lot with your dog Pesu, don't you, Chika? 

    Shirogane: You do? 

    Fujiwara: No! Please don't drag me into this! 

    Shirogane: *Thinking* The Shinomiya family upbringing is this perverse? She's so ignorant of the ways of the world that she thinks it's common sense? 

    Shirogane: Shinomiya... Let me ask you this. Do you know what it means by "first time?" 

    Kaguya: Please don't make light of me. As a lady, I know that much. It's referring to kissing. 

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      I Don't Know Any Other Ways.

      "I'm always doing things that make trouble for you. I never know what to do. For so many things, it's the first time for me, so I don't know. So, all I can do is behave the way I know how. I don't know any other ways. This is the only way I can do it." 

      - Kaguya Shinomiya 

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        Then, I'll Show Them To You.

        Kaguya: I wanted to see them, too! The fireworks... With everyone! 

        Shirogane: Then, I'll show them to you. 

        Kaguya: President? 

        Shirogane: Come with me, Shionmiya! If you wanna see them that badly, I'll show them to you! 

        Kaguya: How... How did you know I was here?

        Shirogane: You mean the "Guess Shinomiya's Thoughs and Search for Her" game? Compared to the usual, it was 100 times easier. 

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          That's Creepy!

          Ishigami: Fujiwara-senpai... You changed your conditioner, didn't you? 

          Fujiwara: You can tell? 

          Ishigami: Yeah, well... The smell is different than usual. I mean, it is stuffy in here today, but it's cute that the smell is stronger than usual. It kind of smells like a baby. 

          Fujiwara: Ishigami... That's creepy! 

          Ishigami: *Thinking* Let me die. *Gets up and goes to Shirogane* I want to die, so I'm going home. 

          Shirogane: S-Sure. But don't die. 

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