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The Best Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Quotes

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A love story about power, strife and the inability to make the first move, Kaguya Sama: Love Is War is one of the funniest anime series out there right now. Miyuki Shirogane, the president of the student council, and his vice president, Kaguya Shinomiya both have a case of first-time-love, luckily for each other. The two admittedly refuse to acknowledge their feelings and hope that through pointless struggles they can make the other one confess first. Through a series of unfortunate, and utterly hilarious, events, we get to watch these two characters fall deeper into love as they struggle for power. 

Some of the best quotes come from the couple, such as the imaginary Kaguya that Shirogane is often afraid of. In response to almost any of his romantic advancements, he always fears her smiling face and judgemental stare as she says, "How cute." Of course, the best girl from the series is Chika Fujiwara, the agent of chaos that always seems to be getting in the way of any progress between the two. Her oblivious nature always gives her hilarious lines, such as the time she helped Shirogane train for volleyball. Watching him with bandaids on her hands and multiple bruises, she cries, "I raised that boy." 

With so many great lines, it's hard to choose, so make sure to vote up all your favorite quotes from Kaguya Sama: Love Is War!

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    Cat Ears And Girls!

    Narrator: Cat ears and girls! Mutualism! There are relationships in this world that are naturally symbiotic! Clovers and honeybees! Crocodiles and hummingbirds! Avocados and soy sauce! And cats... Cats, which a great majority of humans love. And here we have Kaguya Shinomiya, a graceful girl. How will the compatibility of those two things be reflected within him? 

    Shirogane: Cute! 

    Narrator: A marrigae! 

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      Dirty Jokes!

      Kaguya: *Thinking* Why am I laughing when I hear the word "wiener?" 

      Narrator: Dirty Jokes! After learning from past mistakes, Kaguya has begun to study the facts of life. However, regarding slang and metaphors, Kaguya's knowledge is still at the level of a young grade-schooler. 

      Fujiwara: But Pesu is sneaky! His wiener gets big when there's food, but otherwise, it's just a tiny stump! 

      Narrator: So, right now, Kaguya is at the stage where kids laugh at words like "wiener" and "boobs!" Everyone goes through this period, and Kaguya is smack-dab in the middle of it!

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        Body And Soul?

        Narrator: After all, it was only a strategy to get Shirogane to stop her. Shinomiya had no intentions of going on a date with a talking weed. 

        Kaguya: If it's true love, I'm prepared to even accept expulsion. 

        Fujiwara: E-Expulsion? 

        Kaguya: I'm prepared to offer my body and soul for true love. 

        Shirogane: *Thinking* Body and soul? 

        Narrator: Shirogane takes major damage! 

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          Why Hasn't She Asked Me?

          Narrator: Even Shirogane, a stubborn cheapskate who's long insisted that smartphones are unnecessary, has finally given in and gotten one. It doesn't even need to be said how important smartphones are for high school life. You can use them for social plans or just idly chatting, but sometimes you may not get a reply, so joy can swing to sorrow. It's possible to confess love to someone using the Line social app. Yes! This past half-year was wasted because he wasn't using Line! 

          Shirogane: *Thinking* Alright, ask me for my ID anytime, Shinomiya

          Fujiwara: Yay! I got your ID! 

          Shirogane: *Thinking* Why hasn't she asked em? It's my personal information! Nevermind. Should I just ask her? But... Asking for contact information, between the lines, that indicates a degree of desperation and ulterior motive, which then beget a special meaning... 

          Narrator: That meaning is, in fact, love! 

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