The Best Songs on Kali Uchis's Album Isolation

If you listened to the new Kali Uchis album, make your Isolation review by ranking all the songs from best to worst. The debut studio album from the Colombian-American singer features singles, like "Tyrant" and "After the Storm," featuring Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins. This votable tracklist includes song names, featured artists, and music videos. What are the best songs on Isolation

Vote up the best tracks on Kali Uchis's album Isolation. Be sure to also check out where Kali Uchis ranks among the best new female artists.

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  • After the Storm

    After the Storm

    186 votes
  • Dead to Me

    Dead to Me

    180 votes
  • Your Teeth in My Neck

    Your Teeth in My Neck

    150 votes
  • Just a Stranger

    Just a Stranger

    165 votes
  • Flight 22

    Flight 22

    130 votes
  • Tyrant


    140 votes