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The Best Kaskade Songs

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Ryan Gary Raddon, better known by his stage name Kaskade, has produced countless of hit tracks over his years of experience. After learning to DJ by practicing in his dorm room at BYU (yes, he is Mormon), he has been working his way up and around the music industry since the 90s. As the electronic dance music (EDM) scene has exploded in the U.S., DJ Kaskade has risen to be one of the top DJs in the game - playing to sold out arena crowds and headlining festivals. Many of Kaskade's best songs fit a signature style of melodic verses and sensual vocals, although he continues to push the boundaries of house music and redefine his sound. 

We've listed the top Kaskade songs here with the goal of getting to the bottom of which ones are truly the best. Since this list of Kaskade songs is votable, there's the added bonus of cream rising to the top. With this list we can find out once and for all just which ones are the best Kaskade songs of all time. Do you like the Deadmau5 and Kaskade collaboration "I Remember"? Or do you like his collaboration with Dragonette, "Fire in Your New Shoes"? Maybe your prefer "Fire In Your New Shoes"?

Fun fact: many of Kaskade's most popular tracks, "Angel on My Shoulder", "4AM", and "Move for Me" are all on the 2008 album, Strobelite Seduction, so that may be a good record to start with if you are just getting into his music.

These are Kaskade's greatest hits and it's up to you to decide which are the very best Kaskade songs of all time! Vote up your favorites below!