The Best KD 10 Colorways, Ranked

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To all the sneakerheads and NBA fans out there, what do you think are the best KD 10 colorways on the market? As one of the greatest NBA players out, it only makes sense Kevin Durant would have such a hot shoe. Not only that, but a shoe that's available in a wide array of colors. Best of all, it's a more affordable sneaker—especially in comparison to Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand's ZO2. Whether you're sporting new Kevin Durant shoes on the court or as an everyday pair of kicks, there's a colorway for every occasion.

Of all the KD 10 colorways, everyone surely has their favorite. Whether you like to go sleek and clean or bold and colorful, you have multiple options. For the cleaner look, the Platinum and Wolf Grey options are both good choices. For something a little more flashy, you could go with the Celebration, Red Velvet, or Be True—which has a sweet and colorful outsole. Simply put, Kevin Durant puts out some great kicks. Which is your favorite KDX?

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Photo: Nike