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The 18 Greatest Kemonomimi Anime Characters (That Aren't Catgirls)

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"Kemonomimi" is a Japanese term that refers to humanoid beings with animal body parts. Often, this involves cute girls with cat ears, but the term encompasses a slightly broader range of attributes. Not only do these kemonomimi characters showcase physical traits from a wide variety of animals, (from cats and dogs to squids and monkeys) some of them might have other animal body parts besides ears, and some of them aren't especially cute. 

There have been plenty of intriguing and wonderful kemonomimi anime characters, from shows like Inuyasha, Kemono Friends, No Game No Life, and more. This anime trope has provided some fan-favorite personas.

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    Holo is a wolf deity whose job involves ensuring a robust harvest each year. She can assume a wolf-form, which is supernaturally large and able to communicate through telepathy, but she can also take on a humanoid form with wolf features, including a tail, fangs, and ears. 

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    Because he's a half human, half dog yokaiInuyasha has a canine appearance. He has small white ears that blend into his hair, and fangs that are visible when he opens his mouth. His hybrid status contributes to his conflict with his brother Sesshoumaru, who believes Inuyasha is inferior due to his human side.

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  • As a fox yokai, or spirit, Tomoe has fox ears and a large, luxurious tail. When he loses his yokai status later in the series, he appears without either of these animal traits.

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    Fumikage Tokoyami - 'My Hero Academia'

    Fumikage Tokoyami doesn't just have animal ears – his entire head is that of a bird. Tokoyami does have special abilities, but they have nothing to do with his bird head. Instead, they derive from a living shadow inside his body, who he can control during battle.

    His powerful shadow not only keeps him safe, but ensures he never has to get his hands dirty in combat.

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