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The 18 Greatest Kemonomimi Anime Characters (That Aren't Catgirls)

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"Kemonomimi" is a Japanese term that refers to humanoid beings with animal body parts. Often, this involves cute girls with cat ears, but the term encompasses a slightly broader range of attributes. Not only do these kemonomimi characters showcase physical traits from a wide variety of animals, (from cats and dogs to squids and monkeys) some of them might have other animal body parts besides ears, and some of them aren't especially cute. 

There have been plenty of intriguing and wonderful kemonomimi anime characters, from shows like Inuyasha, Kemono Friends, No Game No Life, and more. This anime trope has provided some fan-favorite personas.

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    Hatsuse Izuna - 'No Game No Life'

    Photo: Madhouse

    Hatsuse Izuna is a Werebeast, one of several races in the world of No Game No Life. Usually purple, when she uses an attack called Blood Destruction, her tail lengthens and her fur changes color, becoming a deep, bloody red.

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    Tohru - 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid'

    Tohru has two forms: one humanoid, and one dragon. When she's acting as Miss Kobayashi's maid, she has a tail, horns, and wings, but when she's truly letting her draconic abilities out, she transforms into a massive, scaly beast.

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    Black Rabbit - 'Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?'

    Photo: Diomedea

    As is clear from her name, Black Rabbit has rabbit ears sprouting from the top of her head. She has an ability called Judge Master that helps her discover anyone who might be cheating in the games she hosts.

    Above all else, she prides herself on being honest and forthcoming, and is a kind and loving friend to those around her.

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    Millhiore Firianno Biscotti - 'Dog Days'

    Photo: Seven Arcs

    Millefiori Firianno Biscotti is the princess of the Biscotti Republic, a country full of humans with puppy-like traits. Her powers have less to do with her appearance, and more to do with mystical swords and elemental magic.

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