The Best Songs on Kendrick Lamar's Album 'Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers'

Have you listened to Kendrick Lamar's highly-anticipated fifth studio album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers yet?! The legendary rapper brings his A-game throughout the double album's entire 18-song track list. From rap artists Baby Keem and Kodak Black to R&B singer-songwriter Summer Walker and actress Taylour Paige, the two-disc project features a meticulously-curated roster of diverse musicians, paired with powerful lyrics and Kendrick's signature sound. Some of the record's hottest hip-hop singles include "United In Grief," "N95," "Die Hard," “Father Time,” “Silent Hill," “Savior,” and "Mirror."

How do the album's songs compare to Kendrick Lamar's greatest previous works? Vote up the best songs on Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, and vote down the tracks that don't live up to Kendrick's top singles. 

  • Father Time (feat. Sampha)
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    Father Time (feat. Sampha)

    Best lyrics:

    I come from a generation of home invasions and I got daddy issues, that's on me
    Everything them four walls had taught me, made habits bury deep
    That man knew a lot, but not enough to keep me past them streets
    My life is a plot, twisted from directions that I can't see

    • Producer: Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Beach Noise, Bekon, Duval Timothy
    305 votes
  • Count Me Out
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    Count Me Out

    Best lyrics:

    Masks on the babies, mask on an opp
    Wear masks in the neighborhood stores you shop
    But a mask won't hide who you are inside
    Look around, the reality's carved in lies
    Wipe my ego, dodge my pride

    • Producer: OKLAMA, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, J.LBS, Tim Maxey
    244 votes
  • N95
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    Best lyrics:

    Take off the foo-foo, take off the clout chase, take off the Wi-Fi
    Take off the money phone, take off the car loan, take off the flex and the white lies
    Take off the weird-ass jewelry, I'ma take ten steps, then I'm taking off top five
    Take off them fabricated streams and them microwave memes, it's a real world outside (Take that sh*t off)
    Take off your idols, take off the runway, I take off to Cairo (Take that sh*t off)

    • Producer: Boi-1da, Sounwave, Jahaan Sweet, Baby Keem
    222 votes
  • Savior (with Baby Keem & Sam Dew)
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    Savior (with Baby Keem & Sam Dew)

    Best lyrics:

    The cat is out the bag, I am not your savior 

    I find it just as difficult to love thy neighbors 

    Especially when people got ambiguous favors 

    But they hearts not in it, see, everything's for the paper 

    The struggle for the right side of history 

    Independent thought is like an eternal enemy 

    Capitalists posing as compassionates be offending me

    • Producer: Cardo, J.LBS, Sounwave, OKLAMA, Luciano
    173 votes
  • United In Grief
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    United In Grief

    Best lyrics:

    Shaking and moving, like, what am I doing? I'm flipping my time through the Rolodex
    Indulging myself and my life and my music, the world that I'm in is a cul-de-sac
    The world that we in is just menacing, the demons portrayed religionous
    I wake in the morning, another appointment, I hope the psychologist listenin'

    • Producer: OKLAMA, Sounwave, J.LBS, Duval Timothy, Beach Noise
    201 votes
  • Mother I Sober (feat. Beth Gibbons)
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    Mother I Sober (feat. Beth Gibbons)

    Best lyrics:

    I'm sensitive, I feel everything, I feel everybody
    One man standin' on two words, heal everybody
    Transformation, then reciprocation, karma must return
    Heal myself, secrets that I hide, buried in these words
    Death threats, ego must die, but I let it purge
    Pacify, broken pieces of me, it was all a blur

    • Producer: Sounwave, Bekon, J.LBS
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