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The Best Kenny Chesney Albums of All Time

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Kenny Chesney is one of the most popular country singers and a bro country icon. Since he''s such an influential artist, let’s rank the best Kenny Chesney albums, with the help of your votes. While it took Chesney up until his sixth album, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems (2002), to hit his commercial stride, his earlier work like In My Wildest Dreams (1994) and All I Need to Know (1995) are still critically acclaimed.

This Kenny Chesney discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Kenny Chesney albums can be found at the top of the list. To make it easy for you, we haven't included Kenny Chesney singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. If you think the greatest Kenny Chesney album isn't high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves. Make sure you don't just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite Kenny Chesney album, then vote it up, even if it's not necessarily the most popular.

The list you're viewing contains Chesney albums like All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan (2003) and When the Sun Goes Down (2004). This list of popular Kenny Chesney CDs has been voted on by music fans around the world, so the order of this list isn't just one person's opinion.

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    1. There Goes My Life
    2. I Go Back
    3. When the Sun Goes Down (duet with Uncle Kracker) 
    4. The Woman with You
    5. Some People Change
    6. Anything But Mine
    7. Keg in the Closet
    8. When I Think About Leaving
    9. Being Drunk's a Lot Like Loving You
    10. Outta Here
    11. Old Blue Chair

    • Artist: Kenny Chesney
    • Release Date: 2004
    • Tracks: Please Come to Boston (live), Some People Change, Outta Here
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    1. Young
    2. I Remember
    3. A Lot of Things Different
    4. The Good Stuff
    5. Big Star
    6. On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful
    7. Never Gonna Feel Like That Again
    8. Dreams
    9. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
    10. Live Those Songs
    11. One Step Up
    12. I Can't Go There (acoustic version)

    • Artist: Kenny Chesney
    • Release Date: 2002
    • Tracks: Young, I Can't Go There (acoustic), Dreams
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    The Big Revival

    1. The Big Revival
    2. Drink It Up
    3. Til It's Gone
    4. American Kids
    5. Wild Child (duet with Grace Potter)  
    6. Beer Can Chicken
    7. Rock Bottom
    8. Don't It
    9. Save It for a Rainy Day
    10. Flora-Bama
    11. If This Bus Could Talk

    • Artist: Kenny Chesney
    • Release Date: 2014
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    1. The Boys of Fall
    2. Live a Little
    3. Coastal
    4. You and Tequila (feat. Grace Potter)  
    5. Seven Days
    6. Small Y'all (feat. George Jones)   
    7. Where I Grew Up
    8. Reality
    9. Round and Round
    10. Somewhere with You
    11. Hemingway's Whiskey

    • Artist: Kenny Chesney
    • Release Date: 2010
    • Tracks: Seven Days, Live a Little, Round and Round
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