The Best Country Singers From Kentucky

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Only country singers born or raised in Kentucky.

Here are the best country artists and country bands from Kentucky. Kentucky has served as the birthplace of many fantastic country artists. The sound of twanging guitars has permeated the state for decades. In particular, Renfro Valley, which is home to the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame as well as the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center, has been dubbed Kentucky's Country Music Capital. It is a destination where many influential artists got their start. Some of your favorite acts may be country singers from Kentucky, and this list gives you a chance to learn more about the singers and bands who changed your life. 

Chris Stapleton was born in Lexington. He's a singer in his own right, but he has also written over 170 songs for various other artists. He's a legend in his own right, and he represents everything Kentucky residents are capable of. Sturgill Simpson is another popular artist from the state. He brought back the stylings of outlaw country in a big way in recent years, and he's won various accolades, including a Grammy. 

Some of the the most famous country artists in the music industry are on this list. You can vote for your favorite Kentucky country singers and bands to let other readers know who they should be listening to. 

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