15 Of The Best Kept Secrets In Hawaii (According To Locals)

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There are many undiscovered gems in Hawaii and well-kept secrets to be unfolded. Thankully, this list has done the dirty work for you and assembled all the best  Hawaiian local secrets in one place. Check out what unspoken tips they are unveiling and vote up your favorites!

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    The Botanical Gardens On California Ave.

    From Redditor u/djvrawciraptor:

    If you like plants, go check out the botanical gardens in Wahiawa, also on California Ave. 

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    The North Shore Mountain Bike Trails

    From Redditor u/wllbst:

    Mountain biking on the North shore. A lot of people don't know these trails are there. I could spend hours riding around with only running into one or 2 people.

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    Shrimp Tacos At Horhito's Taco truck

    From Redditor u/orksnork:

    There are very often 2-3 miles of Pāpalaua State Wayside Park that you can have to yourself each day.

    The shrimp tacos at Horhito's taco truck are some of the best eats at the best price around.

    Kihei Cafe fixes jet lag, hangovers, and any notion of a trim stomach.

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    Petting Dogs At The Hawaii Humane

    From a former Redditor:

    Petting walking dogs at the Hawaii Humane. Blow up my secret gem all you want!

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    Kapena Falls Swimming Hole

    From Redditor u/HiBrucke6:

    When I was a kid, I loved going swimming at the little pond at Kapena Falls. Usually, my friends and I were the only ones there and it was simply great.

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    The Hanapepe Art Night Pie Lady

    From Redditor u/onoba:

    Check out the Hanapepe Art Night. Friday nights. There's a lady that sells pies there. (Can't remember her name, but I can't forget the pies.) They are awesome! Have a slice of mango pie for me. Have breakfast at Tip Top Diner in Lihue. Try the Loco Moco.

    Also, check out Glass Beach Cemetery around sunset.

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