15 Of The Best Kept Secrets In Los Angeles (According To Locals)

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Los Angeles locals: vote up the best lesser-known places and activities.

Ready to learn about all the best hidden gems in LA? Let's see what the City of Angels and the surrounding county is hiding from tourists with these Los Angeles local secrets. Check out these enigmatic tips and tricks and vote up your favorites! 

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    The Hollywood Bowl shuttle

    From Redditor u/bserum:

    The Hollywood Bowl provides shuttle service throughout the city.

    Leave the driving to them and avoid dealing with traffic, parking, and drink all you want at the Bowl without having to worry about DUIs.

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    The Meditation Center On Mount Washington

    From Redditor u/geekteam6:

    The Meditation Center on top of Mount Washington. Even if you’re not the meditative type (I am not) it’s a gorgeous secluded spot with a great view of downton LA.

    Back of Occidental College, there’s an open to the public trail to the top of a high hill with great 360 views and a bench, so it’s a good place for a short hike/small picnic.

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    The Beach Cities

    From Redditor u/KittyCommand0R:

    The best-kept secret is to avoid the main tourist spots as they are all overrated and to visit the beach cities like Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo.

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    A Godmother Sandwich In Santa Monica

    From Redditor u/Anjin:

    Go to Bay Cities deli in Santa Monica. Order a Godmother sandwich with the following toppings only: olive oil, balsamic, fresh basil, and hot pepper salad.

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    Gorgeous Free Gardens

    From Redditor u/Frog1387:

    I went to Descanso Gardens this week. Go! It's free the 3rd Tuesday of the month same with the LA Arboretum.

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    Snow In LA At Angeles Crest

    From Redditor u/topoftheworldIAM:

    Drive-up Angeles Crest and see some snow and eat at Newcomb's Ranch. It's a nice little drive up the mountains and you can also go to Mount Wilson and see all of LA from there.

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