15 Of The Best Kept Secrets In Yellowstone National Park

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National park lovers: vote up the best lesser-known places and activities.

If you're a nature lover planning a visit to Yellowstone National Park, you might want to grab this list and hold on tight. Your fellow hikers and travelers are sharing all the best hidden gems in Yellowstone. So read these stories and learn about all the Yellowstone secrets this national park is hiding. Vote up your favorites!

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    The Hike After Inspiration Point

    From Redditor u/lostpondagain:

    Take a hike in Grand Teton. Take the ferry across Jenny Lake and continue on to Inspiration Point. Cascade Canyon Trail continues from there and is a stunning landscape. We saw several moose chomping on willow. Most people turn back at Inspiration Point.

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    The Forgotten Lamar Valley

    From Redditor u/willgray100:

    Lamar Valley is quieter, and everywhere you look is stunning. People seem to forget about Lamar Valley when visiting, but after working in the park for two months last summer, Lamar Valley became my favorite area to explore.

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    An Unknown Dirt Road

    From Redditor u/Ankeneering:

    The old Stagecoach Road between Gardner and Mammoth no one knows about or uses. It’s dirt, one-way and a lovely drive out of the park. Less unknown is the one-way blackmail plateau drive. I actually walk that with a shuttle when it’s closed. Loads of other places I’ll not tell anyone about especially on the internet. That’s one of the magic things about it. It’s huge, and the park service does an amazing job of keeping so many visitors on the yellow dotted line, meaning there are amazing unadvertised places all around.

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    The Upper End Of Pebble Creek

    From Redditor u/buffalojumped69:

    A lot of the great hidden places are at least one night out. But! Two of my day hike favorites are the upper end of Pebble Creek from Warm Springs trailhead and Witch Creek from the trailhead close to Lewis Lake. It's the first part of the trail to Heart Lake.

    Also, while it's well-known, specimen Ridge from the west side, close to Roosevelt.

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    The Bechler Region In Early Fall

    From Redditor u/Siyartemis:

    Definitely the Bechler region hikes, it's so quiet back there because they are inaccessible from the main road system. But they can remain wet through midsummer, and the mosquitoes are pretty bad until August. But if you can get out there in late summer/early fall... fantastic hikes.

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    The Ruins Of The Fountain Hotel

    From Redditor u/Korihor57:

    The Fountain Hotel was the park's most modern and beautiful hotel until the Old Faithful Inn was built. For those of you... interested in nearly forgotten park history, the ruins of the hotel can still be seen amongst the trees on the east side of the Grand Loop Hwy, about 1/4-mile north of the Fountain Paint Pots (Lower Geyser Basin). You can park your car at a turn-out about .1-mile north of the trees and walk back. Be aware that you aren't allowed to enter the Thud Geyser Group, just north of the hotel's remains.

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