The Best Keto Diet YouTubers

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Before heading off to McDonald's for keto-friendly options, prepare for ketosis with the best keto YouTube channels. From keto recipes to diet tips, these popular keto YouTubers create helpful videos on the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. What are the best keto diet channels on YouTube? 

When ranking the best keto YouTubers, Keto Connect and Stephanie Person are definitely in the top ten. Along with posting delicious keto friendly recipes and muscle building workouts, these trending keto people also share keto food reviews, before-and-after transformations, and budget-friendly shopping guides. Other good YouTube keto channels include Keeping It Keto with Feliciannurse, Caveman Keto, Cooking Keto with Kristie, and Michelle Rock.  

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  •  Dr. Eric Berg
    2,565 votes

    Dr. Eric Berg

  • Dr. Ken D. Berry
    1,686 votes

    Dr. Ken D. Berry

  • Thomas Delauer
    2,181 votes

    Thomas Delauer

  • Keto Connect
    1,928 votes

    Keto Connect