The Best Regular Kevin & Bean Show Guests: Past and Present  

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List Rules List includes all current and former guests who regularly appeared on the Kevin and Bean morning show on KROQ

When you’re trying to get up in the morning and not even coffee can do the trick, switching on Kevin and Bean on KROQ is the only thing that can give you the jolt you need to stay awake through the morning traffic. Nothing beats these guys’ irreverent take on pop culture to get you through your morning drive. But as funny as the guys are, it's really The Kevin & Bean Show guests that make the show truly special. We’re taking a look at all of the best regulars who pop up to crack you up.

Some of the folks who’ve made Kevin & Bean Show cameos have gone on to have insane amounts of success. Guys like Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla got their start cracking wise on air. Some of the other guests that started out as weird characters have transitioned into having their own radio shows. Since 1990, The Kevin and Bean Show KROQ guests have been changing the way morning radio sounds and feels and any drive time type show that began in their wake owes them a tip of the hat.

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Matt "Money" Smith
Money, a sports reporter, calls in to discuss large sports events in the news and to hassle Bean about their annual bet (which Beans consistently loses). 
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Psycho Mike
While associate producing The Kevin and Bean Show, Psycho Mike was known for hosting man on the street segments, and for his character Rudy, a typical cholo who was really into manscaping. 
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Kimmel got his start on Kevin and Bean as the sports reporter. He still pops up on the show around Christmas to take phone calls as Santa Karl, a sketchy version of Santa Claus who also has the voice of Karl Malone. 

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Ralph plays a variety of characters on K&B and he hosts the segment "Showbiz Beat." One of his most popular characters was Laquish who mostly just talked about The Jersey Shore.
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