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Who Is The Best Kicker In The NFL Right Now?

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While they may not be the ones throwing touchdown passes or defending the line, the best kickers in the NFL do plenty for their teams—and they can sometimes be unsung heroes. From sending a punt to the other end of the field to coming in and making a much-needed field goal, and even getting that extra point after a touchdown, NFL kickers have an important role on the team. Of all the placekickers in football, however, who is the best kicker in the NFL right now?

Without a doubt, the top NFL kickers include the likes of Justin Tucker, Harrison Butker, Wil Lutz, and Greg Zuerlein—not to mention the ever-accurate Stephen Gostkowski. In fact, some of these players may even be considered the best kickers of all time. Regardless, these current NFL kickers withstand some serious pressure and nail it one kick after the other—often coming in when their teams needs them most. 

Who's your choice for the best kickers in the NFL today? Check out the list below and vote up the guys you think are at the top of their class. For more football, check out the best linebackers in the league right now. If you're a fantasy football player, head over and help decide the best fantasy football kickers of 2019.

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