Kid Friend Gangs from Film and TV You Wish You Were Part Of

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Vote up the friend groups from any movie or TV series that you would have loved to be part of when you were young.

Growing up, every kid wants to be part of a cool group of friends - the kind of group that has a secret handshake, inside jokes, and a pimped-out clubhouse. In addition to the delightful joys of puberty, the best fictional kid friend groups have to face other demons, sometimes literal ones. However, whether they’re fighting the Dark Lord or a bacterial infection inside their classmate Ralphie’s throat, these kids always get through their trials together and learn a valuable lesson along the way.

So pack your slingshot, some Twinkies, and your Dungeon Master’s Guide, because we’re going on an adventure. One that will make you feel nostalgic and maybe a little old. Here are some of the coolest friend groups in movies and TV shows that you wanted to and probably still want to be a part of. Vote up the groups you most desperately wish you were friends with.

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    The Goonies
    Photo: Warner Bros.
    • Movie: The Goonies
    • Notable members: Mikey, Mouth, Data, Brand, Chunk, Andy, Stef

    Who hasn’t dreamt of going on an epic treasure hunt with their best friends? The kids from the Goon Docks get to this and more without ever straying too far from home. 

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    The Castle Rock Crew

    The Castle Rock Crew
    Photo: Columbia Pictures
    • Movie: Stand By Me
    • Notable members: Gordie, Chris, Teddy, Vern

    Few groups on this list grow up faster than these four as they set out to find the dead body of a missing boy from a nearby town. Despite their bleak task, they manage to have a good time on their adventure by singing songs, telling campfires stories, and solidifying life-long friendships.

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    The Ragtag, Baseball-Playing Kids from The Sandlot

    The Ragtag, Baseball-Playing Kids from The Sandlot
    Photo: 20th Century Fox
    • Movie: The Sandlot
    • Notable members: Benny, Scotty, Ham, Squints, Kenny, Yeah-Yeah

    Wouldn’t we all love to go back to a time when summer was about riding our bikes to the public pool and playing baseball with our best friends? These kids made the most of their summer. What’s more, they believed in one another and helped each other. We could all use friends like that in our lives.

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    The D&D Gang from Stranger Things

    The D&D Gang from Stranger Things
    Photo: Netflix
    • TV Series: Stranger Things
    • Notable members: Mike, Dustin, Caleb, Eleven, Will

    Who doesn't want to be part of a group that includes a powerful telekinetic who’s crushing on one of your friends and kids who would risk their own lives to save yours? Though they don’t always agree, these kids come together when it counts. They’ll show you the true meaning of courage and loyalty. Oh, and they also have a pretty awesome Dungeon Master.