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The Best Kid Movies Catered to Adult Humor

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It's in each and every one of us... conveniently situated between the cynicism and the crass tendencies - a love for funny adult cartoons and secretly comedic children's movies. Whether you're a curmudgeonly senior with zero tolerance for nonsense, or a 25-year-old financial analyst who is too cool for school, we know you'll appreciate the adult jokes found in the following children's movies. 

Disney knows it; DreamWorks strives for it; every family filmmaker works to find it. It’s our inner child! That piece of us that refuses to grow up and the light that refuses to stop shining even if it’s turned off. What better place to flip that switch than at the movies? Flicks like The Lego Movie and The Muppet Movie probably have more jokes for adults in them than they do for kids, which is why this list ranks the best kid movies for adults.

Whether it’s Pixar’s breathtaking animation or the endlessly quotable humor in The Princess Bride, it’s officially okay for adults, even ones without children, to enjoy watching films that were made for the young ones. These are the funniest, most family friendly, and best stories told on celluloid that are just as rewarding for adults as they are for kids. In fact, every film on this list was made with adults in mind (the filmmakers at Disney know that parents represent half the audience).

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    All of Pixar's Toy Story films are great. How many of us as kids really thought our toys came to life the second we left the room? It may be the most perfect premise for a kid's film in the history of animation. Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) are three-dimensional characters that are more than capable of grabbing and keeping any adult's attention.
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      Can you feel the love tonight? No one does anthropomorphic characters better than Disney. It's easy for kids to relate to young Simba, a would-be king who is unjustly blamed for the death of his father. When Simba realizes that life is not just about easy-living, he must face his villainous uncle Scar, and reclaim his rightful place as king. It's a classic story of good versus evil that adults can really sink their teeth into.
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        The Shrek series features four feature length films from DreamWorks Animation. As a whole, the franchise takes a postmodern twist on the fairy tale. Kids will love the well-drawn characters and storyline, especially the whole beauty and the beast/true love conquers all motif. Adults will enjoy catching all the deconstructing winks that break down the fourth wall.
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        • Pixar does it again. Finding Nemo is clearly made for both kids and adults to enjoy. The animation is a marvel to behold, and the characters are endearing and three-dimensional. Of course, young children won't get the stoner references (hopefully). But, there are plenty of hilarious jokes in there for the young ones as well.
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