The Best Kid Versions of Reality TV Shows

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Kid versions of reality television competition shows only. Vote up those that are just as good, or better, than their adult counterparts.

What is it about reality competition shows that audiences can't get enough of? The thrill of a big win? The agony of a tough defeat? For some reason, we just can't stop watching regular Joes battle it out on TV. But when the same ol' competition format starts to get tired, networks are forced to find ways to spice things up. For many, that means turning to children.

Kids versions of reality television series are everywhere. From sophisticated cooking competitions like Chopped and MasterChef to the search for young entrepreneurs on Shark Tank, kids are taking over TV screens, and it is adorable. Who doesn't want to watch a bunch of lisping babies duke it out?

Which are the best kid versions of reality shows? Vote up your favorites here!