The Greatest TV Series About Abduction & Kidnapping
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The Greatest TV Series About Abduction & Kidnapping

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It's every parent's greatest fear and every adult's biggest nightmare: kidnapping. TV shows about kidnapping tear at our hearts and make us want to see what happens next. Will the kidnapped ever get free and will their captors get what's coming to them? Whether or not a kidnapping is central to the plot of a TV series or it becomes a major issue within a season, TV shows about kidnapping make for some compelling television. While some of the best shows about kidnapping are typically popular crime dramas, abduction shows span other genres.

Of the many shows about kidnapping, most of the truly harrowing ones are about adult kidnappings instead of kids. Shows like NBC's Kidnapped tracks a new kidnapping each season with the people behind law enforcement working tirelessly to solve the crime. Then you have top crime shows like Sherlock that aren't always about kidnapping, but do often center them heavily in the plot. Whatever your interest in the genre, there's definitely a recommendation or two on this list you will enjoy watching. 

For more recommendations on good kidnapping TV shows, browse this list - then vote up the kidnapping shows you think are the best of the decade and see where your favorite shows about abduction rank.