The Best Adventure Kids Shows Ever Made

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Kids have an innate need to explore. Part of the reason why kids can't wait to grow up is that they want to leave the confines of their neighborhoods to go out into the world. For many of us, we weren't allowed to go past the end of the block, so we had to live out our fantasies in TV shows. These kids adventure shows saw heroes going to distant lands, the bottom of the ocean, and into outer space. Grab your compass and your best friend because we are counting down the best adventure children's shows of all time. 

For many '90s kids, the perennial adventure show was TaleSpin. Baloo and his cohorts would go on adventures and encounter all kinds of colorful characters. Most of the time, they ran into Don Karnage and his gang of pirates or the residents of Thembria, and they had to find a way out of sticky situations. A more modern example of an adventure show for kids is Steven Universe. Steven and the Crystal Gems would have to travel to various worlds to defend Beach City from evil. 

No matter what age you are, you can go on an epic adventure and vote for your favorite shows on this list. Embark on the quest of a lifetime. 

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