The Very Best Anime for Kids

Since not all anime is intended for children to watch, we've compiled a list of series that are safe for younger viewers. This is our list of the best kids anime of all time, featuring shows with minimal violence and adult themes that are not appropriate for children. Need a suggestion for some anime your kids will enjoy? There are at least 30 great titles listed below, and they've been voted on by other Ranker users so that the most recommended shows will show at the top of the list!

What makes an anime good for a young audience? These shows are silly and fun, and most will teach a life lesson to your children in some capacity. Shows like Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Wedding Peach are all great choices, and most can even be found on YouTube if you want to watch them for free. Vote for the anime you would recommend to other parents, or simply use this list as a guide for shows that are suitable for your own kids to watch.

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