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The Best Kids' Cereal

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A bowl of cereal is a go-to kids' breakfast for busy parents around the world. Many top brands specialize in colorful, fruit-flavored, and tasty cereals made especially for young – and perhaps picky – eaters. But as for which brand makes the best cereal for children, that's up to you to decide. The best kids cereal comes in many forms. Some good children's cereal is sweet and delicious, while other tasty kids' cereal is made with whole grains. A few of the most popular kids' cereals have been stocked on grocery store shelves for decades.

What varieties will you find on this list of the best kids' cereal? Frosted Flakes have been a favorite at the breakfast table for generations. Part of the appeal of this kids' cereal might be due its mascot Tony the Tiger, who always declares, “They're great!” Rice Krispies is another fun kids' cereal because its puffs snap, crackle, and pop when milk is added. Cheerios is often the first cereal that toddlers try when their teeth come in. Other good options featured on this top kids' cereal list include Golden Grahams, Fruity Pebbles, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Which brand do you think makes the best cereal for kids? Give your favorite breakfast foods a thumbs up to move them towards the number-one spot on the list, and add any kids' cereals that are missing.