The Best Game Shows For Kids Ever Made

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When you're a kid, getting $10 makes you feel like a millionaire. That's why so many children tuned in each week to watch their favorite game shows. Over the years, numerous game shows aired on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, The Disney Channel, and other networks to great acclaim from kids and adults alike. Kids dreamed of one day appearing on the TV and winning the grand prize. Which of these kids game shows were your favorite growing up and which new kids game shows compete with the classics from the '80s and '90s?

A lot of kids did not win the ultimate prize on Double Dare, but they at least got slimed. That's basically a rite of passage for any youngers growing up in the 1990s. Kids today who aspire to be chefs should definitely watch Masterchef Junior. Gordon Ramsey knows how to tone down his ordinarily hot temper to encourage kids to cook the best meals they can. Honestly, there are some pretty impressive kids on children's competitive cooking shows who can prepare more meals than most adults. 

From solving puzzles to answering trivia, these are the top kids game shows of all time. Decide whether you are a Blue Barracuda or Green Monkey and start clicking. You can help decide which one is victorious by voting for your favorites below. 

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