31 Kids Who Were Forced Into Amazing Halloween Costumes 

Danielle Dauenhauer
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These Halloween costumes for kids who don't know why they're awesome is pretty much a tribute to parents who use their children for all the right things, namely impressing their friends and the internet. Most of these kids Halloween costumes are totally over their heads (unless, of course, you have awesome kids who enjoy the drugs and moral corruption of "Breaking Bad" as much as you do), but the fact stands that these children have better Halloween costumes than most adults could ever hope to have. 

Admittedly, some of these costumes are straight out of the pop culture playbook and even registered on 2014's most annoying costumes, but that's just for adults! Give a kid a suit and a glass of whiskey and you've made "Mad Men" costumes new again. Bear in mind, these are not your standard costumes for kids and babies, these are physical proof that some parents are truly better than others. Never mind that these kids probably had Easy Mac at every meal leading up to Halloween so their parents could put their kids' costumes together, the bounty of sugar and praise brought home from the trick-or-treating festivities is enough to sustain any kid's ego and appetite.

What are the best pop culture costumes for kids? What are some cool costumes for children that only adults will get? If you see your kids as an extension of yourself, you're going to want to pass on the store-bought costumes and go right for the win with these awesome baby costumes. If you don't  have kids, you can try scary costumes for dogs. And remember: don't feel bad that your kid is going to have a better costume than you because you're not the one pocketing candy. 

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