The Best Kids Live Action TV Shows Ever Made

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Chances are if you grew up sometime in the latter half of the 20th century, your childhood was filled with amazing children’s television programs created solely for the entertainment of kids. Live-action kids shows are nothing new, which is why everyone has their absolute favorites. Whether you fondly remember a show you grew up with or came to love one that your children enjoyed (though some of the best kids shows have been on the air for decades), chances are, you have an absolute favorite!

The best live-action shows for kids are easily some of the best series ever made for children - not just something that children could also watch, but made specifically with kids in mind - offering something different than cartoons. There are hundreds of amazing programs in this genre to choose from, to narrow it down, this list has highlighted the very best kids live-action series of them all, but not every show is created equally. Whether you appreciate and enjoy these series for their kid-friendly comedy sitcoms, or for the way they helped us all learn our A-B-Cs, these series are the best kids shows of all time.

This list is only focusing on non-animated, live-action, series not animated or cartoons - though puppets count as live action! - so please vote up your favorite, and don't forget to add any great live-action kids shows we missed.

Photo: Suite Life of Zack and Cody / Disney Channel
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