The Best Kids Movies of 2013

List of the best kids movies of 2013, as ranked by film critics and movie lovers. Finding movies that are appropriate for children can be a difficult task for any responsible parent. Since movies can often guide the way a kid thinks about the world, it’s important for parents to find family films that have appropriate content, which includes a strong moral center,language fit for children, and little to no violence. These sorts of kid-friendly films can be tough to find, but in 2013 there were plenty of great options that were perfect for children and the whole family to watch together.

The films featured on this list are perfectly appropriate for all ages, from young children who love familiar characters to older people who are interested in new stories. Many of the kid movies released in 2013 consisted of sequels, prequels, and other familiar stories, with films like Despicable Me 2, Monsters University, and Oz The Great and Powerful. While a lot of these films were animated, there were also a lot of live action films with heartwarming family moments. Most of the movies are also likely available within the selection of family movies on Netflix.

What are the best kids movies of 2013? This list includes the top films from 2013 that children will love and parents will feel safe letting them watch again and again.

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