Photo: Reading Rainbow / PBS

The Best Reading Shows For Kids

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Aside from being a great place to waste a whole day by binge-watching a series that features teenagers in a post-apocalyptic world, television does have its educational uses. Though it may not get a lot of credit as a learning tool, the fact is, most of you who are reading this right now are able to do so because TV taught us how to, or helped us perfect the skill. Whether we learned the alphabet from cartoons or followed along with Reading Rainbow religiously, the best reading children's shows were entertaining as well as educational.

These reading shows for kids almost always used humor and interactive content to connect with young viewers and engage them in ways that books or lessons couldn't. The fact is, if kids are tricked into learning by someone fun like the monsters on Sesame Street, they're a heck of a lot more likely to learn.

Whether you're trying to get your own kid into reading or you simply want to reminisce about the days spent on the floor in front of your TV learning with your favorite television host, we're here to rank the top reading kids shows from A to Z - or more accurately, from best to not-so-best.

Photo: Reading Rainbow / PBS