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The Best Science Shows For Kids

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Aside from being an easy way to waste a whole day by binge-watching sci-fi, television does have its educational uses. Though it may not get a lot of credit as a learning tool, the fact is, most of us who are reading this now have the TV to thank for a large amount of our education. And that includes our scientific education. Whether we learned how to make a volcano with dry ice, or have had a catchy song stuck in our head for decades about the states of matter, the best science children's shows are fun as well as educational. Most science shows for kids are recommended for 6 through 12 year-olds but - like most children's show suggestions - they can be enjoyed just as easily by everyone from toddlers to teens.

These science shows for kids almost always use humor and interactive content to connect with young viewers and engage them in ways that books, lessons, or even trips to the science museum can't. Although to many of us science may now seem dull and complicated (other than the way it is packaged in science shows for adults), there's no denying that the Bill Nye's of our youth made the subject engaging and endlessly entertaining. Thanks to streaming services, today's kids can enjoy both new and classic science shows, allowing their curiosity about the world around to expand beyond only current shows.

Whether you're trying to get your own kid into science or you simply want to reminisce about the days spent on the floor in front of your TV learning about rocks with your favorite television host, we're here to rank the top science kids shows from H to OG - and in case you didn't know that those are the first and last elements on the periodic table, then you better check these shows out and study up.

Photo: The Magic School Bus / PBS