The Best Sports for Kids

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Most fun & rewarding athletic activities for children to play / do

The best sports for kids are fun, teach children about teamwork, and help keep them in shape. These sports are good for younger children as they contain less contact than sports like football, hockey or wrestling. While there is some risk for injury in all activities, these sports are the safer choices for children.

Aside from being fun things to spend their time on, these sports are all good for teaching children a number of values like working with others, responsibility, and social skills. Plus, kids who play sports are usually healthier and generally have more friends than those who don't.

For younger kids, simple sports like bicycling, swimming, track and field, and even gymnastics are top choices. When kids get a bit older, around the age of six, they can participate in other popular sports to play such as baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, and basketball. The contact sports are suggested for only those eight years and older, though many of the fundamentals, such as learning how to skate early and playing hockey later, can be taught earlier.

While not all kids will have the ability or desire to play sports, introducing these at an early age sets a great tone to making well-rounded children. Which sports do your kids love the most? Vote for your favorite sports for kids or add any not listed, all below!

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