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The Best Types of Fireworks

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The 4th of July is a day on which Americans celebrate their independence by blowing things up in a spectacular fashion, with epic fireworks and dazzling, sparkling displays. But fireworks aren't just a one trick pony. What are the best kinds of fireworks? Which fireworks are the best for the 4th of July? Vote up the most awesome fireworks below.

There are all sizes, shapes, and colors of fireworks to choose from these days, and all of them are fun in their own way. Whether they're professional fireworks for city-wide shows, or store-bought fireworks for kids to mess around with (under adult supervision, of course) in the backyard, these are the best kinds of fireworks that you'll want to stock up on each 4th of July.
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    Mortars include launching tubes and a variety of high trajectory bursting aerial shells that you load individually.
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    Bottle Rockets

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    Bottle rockets are probably the most famous fireworks. They’re small rockets that whistle while blasting off into the sky and explode when they reach their peak.
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    A Mine is a ground level eruption or burst of effect in an upwards fan-shaped spray.
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    Roman Candles

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    Roman candles are long tubes that when lighted at one end shoot off colorful balls. Some of the shots crackle, flash, or explode. You can actually hold these in your hand while they fire off (it’s not recommended, but many people do it).
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