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The Best Kinds of Fish to Eat, Ranked

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Fish adds a delicious touch to any fine meal, especially when paired with a delicious side dish. There are all kinds of edible fish, from lean and healthy types to richer, full-flavored varieties. Many common fish to eat are caught wild, though farm-raised fish bring even more variety to the dinner table.

What different types of protein will you find on this list of the best fish to eat? Salmon is a diner favorite, thanks to its taste and versatility. Whether you like your salmon grilled, smoked, or poached, this healthy fish makes a wonderful entree. Tuna is another popular fish to incorporate into a variety of cuisines. Red snapper is beloved among fans of sushi. Other good types of fish featured on this list include cod, halibut, and catfish.

Which fish do you think makes the best meal? Give your personal picks a thumbs up to move them to the top of the list, and share some of your favorite recipes in the comments section.