The Best Kingambit Nicknames

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There are so many possibilities when it comes to nicknames for Kingambit, but which ones are the best? Introduced in the new Generation IX, Kingambit is a Dark/Steel type Pokemon that caught everyone's attention for being the evolved form of Bisharp. Kingambit's name structure is pretty straightforward, as it is the combination of king and gambit.

What’s your favorite Kingambit nickname? You can't go wrong with names that will earn a couple of laughs like King Sharp and Samurai Sharp. Meanwhile names like Wendigo and Alloy are fun simple names that are timeless, simple, and can work with any kind of Pokemon. Dodogezan is Kingambit's official Japanese name, so you could always just use that if you want something straightforward! Which Kingambit do you think is the best?

Vote up all the names you think are fitting for a Pokémon like Kingambit, and be sure to add your cool, clever, and creative nicknames for other aspiring Pokémon masters to use!

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