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The Best Kirei Kotomine Quotes

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"Pleasure is another thing that I lack. I seek for it but cannot find it." This is considered one of the best Kirei Kotomine quotes from Fate/Zero, but there are so many good lines from him throughout the series. For this list we're ranking the greatest Kirei Kotomine quotes, with the help of your votes.

Kotomine expresses his determination and dedication to getting a task done when he says things like: "It is the path you have chosen. Take pride in it." There are also plenty of Kirei Kotomine quotes that can inspire you : "There are worthless things, but there are no meaningless things." Another great Kirei quote is a little bit pessimistic but definitely rings true: "Conflict is humanity's primal instinct. Eliminating it would mean eliminating humanity itself."

What is your favorite Kirei Kotomine quote from Fate/Zero? He may be a villain, but Kirei Kotomine has some amazing speeches and lines that deserve to be recognized. Vote up your favorite below, and watch as the quotes you choose quickly climb up the list!

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    Accept Our Own Actions

    "People cannot change the past. All we can do, is accept our own actions. If you still wish to be burdened by your sins, let it show in your future actions. It is your choice how to perceive something that has already happened."

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    Humans Are Superior to Angels

    "A certain scripture mentions that humans are superior to angels. Why? Because there are people who know of evil, but do not become evil. It's different from angels, who know only of good since birth. Humans have evil, but can live as good, so they are superior to angels, who know only good."

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    Many Things Slipped out Between My Fingers

    "I envy you people. What I sought, but could not obtain. What I obtained, but could not obtain. Many things slipped out between my fingers, no matter what commandment I used."

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    Unless There Is a Clear Evil

    "You should know. Your wish will not come true unless there is a clear evil. Even if it's not something you approve of, a hero of justice requires a villain to defeat."

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