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The Best New York Knicks First-Round Picks In The NBA Draft

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List RulesVote based only on career success with the New York Knicks. Only picks made since the NBA/ABA merger (since 1977).

The New York Knicks first-round draft picks have produced mixed results at best. Players like Patrick Ewing, one of the best NBA players of all time, and Kristaps Porzingis have provided some measure of hope to the franchise through the NBA draft.

However, for every Hall of Famer and All-Star, there have been all-time NBA draft busts, such as Fredric Weis and Renaldo Balkman, who did nothing to help the Knicks win their first championship since 1973.

So, which of these players has contributed most to the Knicks organization? The stats below reflect only the players’ time spent during their time with New York, and that’s what you should base your vote on. Did this player help improve the Knicks during their time on the team?

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