The Best K-pop Albums Of 2020

From debuts to anticipated comebacks, here are the best new Kpop albums of 2020, ranked by fans everywhere. Featuring the latest album releases from the biggest groups of the year, this list of 2020 K-pop albums includes EPs and full-length studio albums. 

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  • "Black Swan"


    "Make It Right"

  • Dystopia: The Tree of Language



    "Red Sun"

  • Song of the Sirens


    "Tarot Cards"

    "Crème Brûlée





  • #


    "So What" 

    "Number 1"

  • Dark Side of the Moon




  • 回: Labyrinth


    "Here We Are"


  • IT'z ME


    "That's a No No"

    "I Don't Wanna Dance"

  • The Dream Chapter: Eternity

  • Dream Wish

    "Love is so amazing"


    "La Isla Bonita"

  • Red Punch

    "Red Punch"



  • Monster

  • Reminiscence


    "Dun Dun" 


  • Neo Zone

    "Mad Dog"

    "Kick It"

    "Sit Down!"

  • Jackpot


    "This Is Me"

    "No Big Deal"

  • Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer


    "Star 1117"


  • Hands Up

    "Hands Up"

  • Reveal


    "Shake You Down"

    "Spring Snow"

  • All About Luv

    "Happy Without Me"

    "Got My Number"


  • Home

    "My Gravity"


  • First Collection

    "Good Guy"


    "One Love"

  • I Decide

    "Ah Yeah"

    "All the World"


  • Universe: The Black Hall

    "Die for You" 

    "The Black Hall"


  • Into the Ice Age

    "Into The Ice Age" 

    "Ice Age" 


  • Without You



    "Without You"