The Best Female Leaders In K-pop Right Now

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Every girl group needs a leader, and it's no different in K-pop. Here are the best female Kpop leaders right now, ranked by fans everywhere. Sometimes confused with the face of the group, the group leader is usually the one who speaks on behalf of the group and generally takes care of the group. Who are your favorite Kpop female leaders?

How do Kpop groups choose a leader? Usually, the oldest member is automatically made the leader, but that's not always the case. Some popular girl group leaders in Kpop include Twice's Jihyo, Red Velvet's Irene, Mamamoo's Solar, and Momoland's Hyebin.

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  • Jihyo
    Photo: JYP Entertainment
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    As the leader of the wildly successful K-pop group TWICE, Jihyo has proven her ability to lead and inspire her fellow members since their debut in 2015. Known for her exceptional vocal abilities, as well as her unwavering dedication to improving herself and those around her, Jihyo has played a crucial role in TWICE's rise to fame worldwide. Her strong work ethic, combined with her empathetic nature towards both her fans and fellow group members, has resulted in the creation of an empowering environment for those under her guidance.

  • Yeji
    Photo: JYP Entertainment
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    As the powerful leader of ITZY, Yeji has quickly gained recognition for her impressive dance skills, striking visuals, and unique vocal color. Her resolute spirit and dedication to teamwork have helped form a group dynamic that emphasizes unity and growth. By providing ongoing support and encouragement to her fellow group members, Yeji has earned their respect and admiration.

  • Solar
    Photo: RBW
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    Solar, the charismatic leader of MAMAMOO, is known for her exceptional vocal prowess as well as her magnetic stage presence. With over a decade in the industry, she constantly strives to grow alongside her fellow members while also cultivating a strong bond with their loyal fans. Her keen sense of responsibility combined with her practical approach makes Solar an outstanding role model for other female leaders in K-pop.

  • Irene
    Photo: SM Entertainment
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    As the captivating leader of Red Velvet, Irene has solidified herself as a force to be reckoned with in K-pop industry. Boasting remarkable visuals and versatile talents as both a dancer and singer, she remains humble despite being widely recognized for these attributes. Irene consistently demonstrates a level-headed approach to leadership that allows Red Velvet to thrive creatively while maintaining an atmosphere of unity among its members.

  • Soyeon
    Photo: Cube Entertainment
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    Soyeon's exceptional talent as a rapper and producer sets her apart from other female leaders in K-pop; she has played a major role in shaping (G)I-DLE's distinctive sound, composing and producing several of the group's hits. Her unwavering passion for music and strong work ethic has undeniably contributed to (G)I-DLE's rapid rise to fame. As a leader, Soyeon fosters an environment of creative collaboration, empowering her fellow members to explore their own unique talents.

  • Kwon Eunbi
    Photo: Woollim Entertainment
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    Kwon Eunbi's leadership has been instrumental in the success of IZ*ONE, a group that emerged from the survival show Produce 48. Her caring personality and ability to lead by example inspire her fellow members to work hard while also fostering the sense of unity that IZ*ONE is praised for. Under her guidance, the group gained international acclaim and established a solid fanbase within just two years.