The Best K-pop Idol Actors & Actresses

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No cameos. Only Kpop idols in supporting or lead roles.

Although many K-pop idols appear on variety shows and make cameos in Korean dramas, only the most talented Kpop stars became successful actors. Whether it was a lead role in a K-drama or the comedic supporting role in a movie, this list of the best Kpop actors includes older and current South Korean artists. Who are the top K-pop idols-turned-actors?

After making her acting debut in Reply 1997, Apink's Eunji has starred in multiple dramas, even landing the lead role as Elle Woods in South Korea's production of the Legally Blonde musical. Other good idol-turned-actresses include Hyeri from Girl's Day, Yoona from Girls' Generation, and Seolhyun from AOA. If you want to watch your favorite handsome idol-turned-actors, check out BTS' V, Rain and Highlight's Yoo Doo-joon of the Let's Eat series.

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